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‘My Kinda People’ is a series of photographic work which will be presented in a zine format. The work represents how people use fashion as a means to present who they are, what they are interested in and their identity. This work investigates the exploration into the aesthetic of alternative subcultures to discuss how different individuals view themselves and the importance of their identity. This was explored through a series of questioned asked to the individuals  who were photographed, questioning what identity means to them, how do they represent their identity and finally, why standing out and being themselves is so important to them. The answers to these questions are represented next to a series of photographs of each person and each have their own diverse opinions of the representations of their identity from the clothes and accessories that they wear to the way in which they wear their hair or makeup. The prospect of identity today has been highly influenced by the punk era which was first introduced in the late 1970s. The punk genre and culture provided young society with a way to be themselves and not be conformed to social norms to dress or perform in a certain manner to match the approval of society. This work has developed from my previous projects: eat dirt and anarchy sounds.

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