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This photographic work explores various graveyards, statues and churches. My interest within this topic stems from a liking to horror which has developed throughout my life. This work features an overall theme of death specifically symbols of death: where death can be represented through each photograph. Through taking these photographs, I began to understand how graveyards are places of beautiful architecture which most people wouldn’t see as we wouldn’t usually look for beauty in such a place which represents sorrow for so many people. My work represents symbols of death through various lighting, angles and symbols. Throughout my work, I wanted to isolate the statues completely to show how the gravestones and statues can be perceived more clearly as these symbols of death and how they tell a completely different story when I photographed them at a lower level to achieve a clear background and source for the viewer within the image. Gravestones, churches, benches and statues are the symbols of death which remain after one passes, yet are neglected when there is nobody left to remember those who passed. This leaves most unattended and the beautiful architecture ignored by most.

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